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About the company

Q4ia is a company focused on creating fun, memorable experiences for people of all ages through our tabletop games, reviews, tutorials, printables, and more!

We are in our infancy, but will continually be adding products, services, information, and events that are family-friendly, fun, affordable, and have a positive impact on mental, emotional, and physical health.

We have many games in various stages of development, from basic concept to well play-tested, that we can’t wait to share with you! Over time you will see the introduction of various other products, services, and events as well, so please check back regularly, or better yet, join our mailing list!

Initially our games are being made in small batches, sold through a Print on Demand company, or as Printable files. Our goal, however, is to be able to produce the games ourselves to bring the cost down, which will allow us to lower the sale price of our games. As our company grows, we will be able to acquire the necessary equipment to produce many, if not all, of the components our games require. This is a service, we then intend to offer others.

The name Q4ia is a play on the word Euphoria. The Q is for our family name, and the 4 is for the amount of people in our family. Euphoria generally refers to happiness, but the word derives from “euphoros”, which in greek means healthy. We hope to help people achieve both health and happiness with our family run business, and so chose a name we feel conveys that.

Play to win, or play for fun – just PLAY!