Kingdom 18 – Review

Kingdom 18

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Published: 2018
Game Concept/Design: Jason Glover
Artists: Jason Glover
Publisher: Concrete Canoe Games
Rules and free B&W PnP PDF

Ages: 12+  |  Time: 10min  |  Players: 2

Company line:

“Battle against another player head-to-head in an attempt to conquer as many realms as you can to become the most powerful kingdom in all the land!”


Kingdom 18 is a light, two player, competitive game that uses just 18 cards. It combines luck, bluffing, and strategy to create a quick and fun experience. The game plays in approximately 10 minutes and is recommended for ages 12+. The game is designed by Jason Glover (who also did the artwork).

18 Cards, housed in a hook box that contains the instructions.

Primary game mechanisms:
Deck building, blind bidding



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If you like quick, light, two player games, just go ahead and grab Kingdom 18. It’s cheap, portable and is fun to play.

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Kingdom 18 is very clever for such simple components. The 18 cards act more like 36, with the ability to play most cards one of two ways.

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I like it because it's fun, quick and simple.

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Kingdom 18 is a fun, competitive game to play with friends and family. I especially like it because I'm good at it. 🙂

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We purchased the game as a Print & Play (from Kickstarter) and printed it ourselves, but the retail version can be purchased at The Game Crafter. We have other games (including our own) printed by The Game Crafter, so I would assume the quality would be quite good.

The 18 card game is packaged in a hook box for portability, and I’m sure to keep the expenses down. You may love or hate hook boxes, but it serves the purpose acting as both the game packaging and instructions. 


Art/Theme/Graphic Design:

The artwork is good. It is all original art done by the game designer, Jason Glover. It is simple, functional and pleasant to look at. MQ (in particular) is a fan of the art style. 

The theme carries through a little bit, but because of the simplicity of the game, you tend not to think about it.

The graphic design is well done. The cards are easy to read, and what you need to know is laid out well. We found the instructions on the inside of the hook box pretty good, and we were able to start playing with little effort.


The rules are fairly straightforward as this is not a very complex game. It’s nice that it provides an example, considering the limited space to write rules. We did have to double check rules a couple of times, but the answers were easily obtainable.

The negative: The total points in the game is 30, and both players could end up with 15 points. There is nothing in the rules that says what to do if there is a tie. It’s too bad the game doesn’t have an odd number of total points, or a structured way to settle a tie.


It’s a quick game to teach and play. As you acquire realms, those same cards may be drawn into a future hand, but with less abilities than the cards you started with. The fun is in trying to bluff your opponent, deduce what your opponent is planning, and to make the best use of the cards you get each round. It doesn’t tax the brain too much and is a fun activity between two people who enjoy passing the time with a light, competitive game.


Overall Thoughts:

This game is a pleasant 2 player game that is a fun way to pass the time. It’s rare to see a deck building game that only uses 18 cards, but Kingdom 18 pulls it off. Each game is different because of the order cards come out into the play area and because of the cards you draw into your hand each round. The portable size lets you carry it in your pocket. Overall it’s a nice pick up and play portable game that is inexpensive to purchase.

You will probably enjoy Kingdom 18 if you like any or all of these:
-quick 1 vs 1 competitive card games
-light weight games that wrap up in 10 minutes or less

You may not enjoy this game if you:
-prefer long games that include a lot of strategy
-don’t like competitive games
-don’t like 2 player games