Sushi Go! – Review

Sushi Go!

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Published: 2013
Game Concept/Design: Phil Walker-Harding
Illustration: Nan Rangsima
Publisher: Gamewright
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Rules PDF

Ages: 8+  |  Time: 15min  |  Players: 2-5

Company line:

”The pick and pass card game.

Pass the sushi! In this fast-playing card game, the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. Dip your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value. But be sure to leave room for dessert or else you’ll eat into your score! Gather the most points and consider yourself the sushi master!”


Sushi Go is a popular light weight card game. Players are each dealt a hand of cards, and choose one card to keep by placing it face down in front of them. The remainder of the hand gets passed on to the next player. All players flip over and reveal their chosen card, pick up their new hand of cards, and continue in this fashion until all the cards are chosen. The goal is to collect sets of cards that will give you the most points possible, while watching to see what other players are doing.

108 playing cards, rule booklet.

Primary game mechanisms:
Card drafting, and set collection.



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It's a fun, polished game that I will play any time I have the option. I would prefer a bit more depth but it's great for what it is... a light weight, card drafting, set collection card game with a touch of press your luck. I love it!

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I highly recommend Sushi Go! It is a fast, fun, and inventive game that I think anyone over the age of 6 could enjoy.

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This is one of my favourite games! I love it because it's fun, quick, and strategy-based, not to mention I always seem to win. Although it doesn't have many parts, this game never gets boring because you never know what other players are going to do.

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We have been playing this game for years, and it is still a huge hit! It is extremely portable which is perfect for camping or trips, and uses minimal components (only cards) making it hard to lose important pieces. I really love this game, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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The game was initially sold in a cardboard tuck-box and that is the version we have. Today it is sold in a metal tin. Like most tuck-boxes, ours has not stood the test of time and needs tape and elastics to keep it together. A metal tin is a welcome substitution.
The cards are a nice quality, and feel like they have a linen finish. They have lasted through many plays, by many age ranges.
The instruction booklet is a standard colour paper booklet.
Not included in the box: Paper and pencil to keep track of scores.


Art/Theme/Graphic Design:
The art is charming and really adds to the enjoyment of the game.
The theme is not very relevant to gameplay and mostly just adds a bit of flavour to the experience.
The card design is clean and clear. They aren’t busy and you can easily identify the card type when fanned out in your hand.


The rule book is a small colour booklet that features helpful illustrations and a clean flow.
The booklet is very well written and easy to digest. It’s nice that it also has a variants section to offer some variation.
The back of the booklet features a much appreciated “Quick Game Summary” that works as a quick refresher to get started without having to thumb through the whole booklet.


The game plays quickly with little-to-no downtime because of the simultaneous play.
The game play is quick and doesn’t over stay its welcome. It’s different each time because of the randomness of the cards everyone is dealt.
This is a light and quick game, so generally players don’t feel burdened when it comes to making decisions.
One thing to be cautious of is to make sure everyone is patient when passing their hand of cards. The game can get pretty messed up if people are passing cards and starting the next round before others are finished. Playing simultaneously, at a similar speed is key.


Overall Thoughts:
The art, design, and instructions are all very well done. The cards aren’t too busy, and have super cute illustrations. The instructions are well written and very easy to follow. The game is polished, easy to learn, easy to teach, and is fun to play again and again for almost any age.

You will probably enjoy Sushi Go if you like any or all of these:

  • small, portable games with light weight rules
  • games that wrap up in under 30 minutes
  • games that are primarily based around the card draft mechanism
  • really appreciate it when a game is easy to learn and easy to teach

You may not enjoy this game if you:

  • prefer games that include a lot of strategy
  • don’t like competitive games
  • don’t like card drafting games
  • don’t like games where other players can take cards that you want and need